Friday, April 15, 2011

The NovaLash Difference

Don't hassle with fake-looking
"lash strips."
"Cluster lashes" are a thing
of the past.
Ever tried false lashes for Halloween or a special party? Remember how they fell off half-way through the night?  Or maybe you pulled them off?  OUCH!  Those strip lashes and lash clusters are things of the past (and p.s., they're not actually lash extensions, they don't extend your natural lashes, they just replace them or cover them)! You can actually have longer lashes EVERYDAY without the daily hassle of mascara or the application of "falsies" that harm your natural lashes or eyes.

NovaLashes are different.  They are applied as single lash extensions placed on top of each natural lash.  The look is fuller, thicker, beautiful lashes that you can live your life in.  Go ahead--workout, swim, spa, sleep, dance, have fun--without worrying about mascara or your lashes.  These lashes are perfect for ladies who want to reduce their daily make-up/mascara application time and appear to have longer, thicker lashes, as well as for special events, like dates, proms, weddings, holiday parties, birthdays, etc.  

NovaLashes are natural-looking
and applied lash-to-lash.