Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shout Out to Bella Photography

Photos courtesy of Bella Photography

 Let me just start out by saying that I usually dislike having my picture taken.  I have lots of childhood memories of uncomfortable, awkward family photos (not quite like these), but ones that seemed a bit forced.  Now, don't get me wrong, I appreciate those photos, looking back--the way they captured a moment in time.  However, the whole process of getting them taken was less than pleasurable--from holding a pose for extended periods of time to incorporating strange props.  Don't even get me started on my wedding photos!!!  Disaster!

So, when I found out that I needed some professional photos for a Beauty Launchpad Magazine advertorial, I wasn't too excited.  I flipped through my contacts and found Bella Photography, by Holli Stevenson (Cincinnati, OH), whose work I had seen online. We met at Eden Park for a photo session that has changed my mind about having my picture taken

 Holli was professional, personable, and laid back.  I felt at ease getting my picture taken.  And the result?  Fabulous photos that I was proud to submit to Beauty Launchpad! Here are just a few of my favorites.

Please visit the Bella Photography Facebook Page, where you can view and vote for some of "Bella's Best Photos!"

Find out more about Bella Photography, including contact information by visiting: http://mybellaphotography.vpweb.com/

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lash Ambassador for Miami U

This is my debut guest appearance on Amy’s blog and I am so excited!! My name is Katie and Amy, of Love Those Lashes, LLC,  has picked me to be a Lash Ambassador for Miami University. My job is to talk about how awesome NovaLash lashes are and encourage other girls to try them out. In order to do this, I had to get fabulash lashes of my own. I was a little apprehensive about getting them because you have to keep your eyes closed during the process, but Amy talked me through everything she was doing and explained to me that NovaLash lashes are FDA approved and will not cause any damage to your eyes. Once the application process was over and I opened my eyes, I fell in love. I am obsessed with having long, thick lashes, so I spend a lot of time putting on mascara, but with NovaLash lashes, I have not worn mascara at all but I still LOVE the way I look!
NovaLash lashes are the perfect accessory for anyone with a busy life. With NovaLash lashes, you can wake up looking refreshed and ready to go. Being in college, these lashes are PERFECT for those early morning classes. You can just get up and go but still feel good because of your lashes. Amy asked me exactly how I wanted my lashes to look and explained the process as she applied the lashes which helped in knowing what was going on. The process was very relaxing and enjoyable. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NovaLash lashes for any woman who wants to show their true beauty in an affordable way or wants to be able to get up and go without worrying about make-up! I've fallen in love with NovaLash lashes already!
Before getting the lashes on!

After the lashes were on!

Looking fabulash without mascara!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lashin' Out with Fritsch!

If you don't already listen to Q102 (101.9 WKRQ-FM, Cincy), you have got to check it out! Not only will you find fabulous music, but you'll also get the pleasure of listening to Jennifer Fritsch, one of the most engaging, hilarious, and kindhearted radio Djs that ever was.  Fritsch, along with Jeff and Jenn in the morning, will make your weekday morning hours between 5:30-10:00 am a little bit more bearable.   

So, a few weeks ago, I called into the show and shared with them about my BIG WIN for being a Lashionista!!! ("Most Natural Lash Look" in the Lash Artist of the Year National Competition).  Well, it just so happens that Fritsch was interested in getting her own incredible lash transformation.  So, we set it up--and voila! AWESOME, THICK, NATURAL-LOOKING LASHES!  Check out her fabulous lash transformation.
Fritsch Before and After Love Those Lashes

Best of all--NO MASCARA! Fritsch will be able to get up in the morning and rush into work looking fabulous and wide-eyed, without any mascara!  If you'd like lashes like Fritsch's give me a call at 937.219.6741 or email lovethoselashes@gmail.com to set up an appointment!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Modern Salon Profiles NovaLash Winners

Fabulous article by Modern Salon Magazine just posted online!  Check out the super chic and talented, Christina Perez, winner of the "Lash Artist of the Year" Contest (and also read about the other winners, including Love Those Lashes!!)  Share, post, distribute, get the word out: NovaLash Lash Artists are TOPS!

See the NovaLash Difference!  Make your appointment today!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Check Out My Award Winning "Most Natural Lash Look"


Wondering about the process of semi-permanent lash extensions?  Want to see a one of my clients be transformed from lackluster to luscious lashes? Check out this video of my lash artistry! 
By the way, I've been awarded "Most Natural Look" in the NovaLash  
"Lash Artist of the Year Competition"!  

I'd especially like to thank PiƱata Productions, LLC, for helping me to create this AMAZING video! Check them out for more information about how they can make your creative ideas a cinematic reality.
Website: www.pinataproduction.com
Founder/CEO: e.E. Charlton-Trujillo
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Speciality: Movies, Commercials, Promotional Stories and Music Videos

NovaLash Promotional Story Team:
Josh Flowers (co-director), e.E. Charlton-Trujillo (Producer), Amy Young (Executive Producer), Chas Pangburn (co-director, camera, editor) and Alex Derickson (sound)

Also, Thank you to my model and client, Sarah Brown.  
For more information about Sarah, please visit her Facebook Page.