Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Come and Get 'em! NovaLash Candied Lashes!

Add a little sparkle to your NovaLash extensions with some Candied Lashes.  These lashes are hand-dipped in fine shimmer and are applied to the outside corners of your NovaLash Extension Set (they go on top of your NovaLash extensions).  They add a subtle color and sparkle to your eyes.  Want some candied lashes for upcoming fall parties? Butterscotch and Plum Candied Lashes are perfect for Halloween!!! Book Now and get $10 off Candied Lash application.

Check out this video for more information about NovaLash's Candied Lashes!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Love Client Lash Photos!

Kristine's Long Lashes
As you may have noticed from my previous posts (or from looking at my before and after photo page), I always take before and after photos of my clients (and then text or email my clients the pictures).  And although my smartphone photos get the job done (I'm a lash artist, not a photographer), they don't really show off my clients' personalities and flair.  So, I have an open invitation to all my clients to send me their own pictures of their NovaLashed eyes.  I LOVE these photos!! (So, all my clients reading this blog, get out your cameras and send me those lash pics!!)

Love it!!

Which brings me to Kristine--a smart, gorgeous girl with a big personality--who sent me some of her own lash photos this week after I applied a full set on her!  And although I knew her (sort of) before becoming her lash artist, I felt honored to get to know her on a personal level while giving her some SERIOUS FAB-U-LASHES!  Kristine came in wanting the biggest, most glamorous lashes I could give we went ALL OUT!!!  Check out these lashes and Kristine's amazing look! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Check Out These Lashes

Before every lash application, I always consult with my clients about the look they desire for their lashes.  Most clients start out wanting modest lashes, medium thickness and length, not too much curl--very professional, natural looking lashes.  I love doing this type of application.

However, when a client comes in for her consultation and says, "Give me the BIGGEST DIVA Lashes you have," I get super stoked.  I LOVE long, thick, full lashes that people can't take their eyes off of!!  And I especially love giving clients (who want this this look) these SHOW-STOPPING Lashes!!  These are the super fabulous lashes that my beautiful new client, Chelsea, asked for.  Chelsea is a gorgeous girl--inside and out--and it was a pleasure meeting her!  Even though my cell phone camera doesn't do her eyes justice, here is a glimpse at her before and after look:

Before and After Lashes

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miami University Lash Ambassador Rocks Long Lashes

All this lashin' can really wear a gal out, so I've enlisted the help of a Lash Ambassador/ Intern.  Can I just say that I LOVE having intern Katie Borgert, Miami University sophomore/ marketing major extraordinaire, working with me.  She's smart, kind, hard-working, reliable, beautiful, and loads of fun.  And best of all, she puts up with my craziness--and does so with a smile. (Nothing like sitting next to me during a full day of lashes while I keep dropping things on the floor, right Katie?)  

Katie is working with me to spread the word about Love Those Lashes, LLC to Miami University ladies and also assisting me with social networking and blogging.  Her perks--well, she gets to rock some serious lashes!!!!!  Check out these gorgeous eyes:
Katie Loves Having Thick, Dramatic Lashes

Monday, September 12, 2011

Winning Has Its Perks!!

What's one of the perks of winning "Most Natural Look" in the NovaLash Lash Artist of the Year Competition?  Getting Love Those Lashes, LLC profiled on the NovaLash stylist website.  If you're in the Cincinnati/Dayon, Ohio, area, looking for a superior lash artist, please come see me!!! If you're located outside of this geographic area, you can use the NovaLash site to find a last artist near you.

Thank you, NovaLash!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Latisse: Is it Worth It?

Many clients have asked me about using Latisse, which is an FDA approved, prescription eyelash growth serum, or at least it is marketed as such.  Did you know that Latisse was actually developed to treat glaucoma?  Developers realized during clinical trials that lash growth was a side effect of the product, so it was repackaged and marketed for the lashes.

Although I'm not a medical doctor, I do have my opinions about the ways in which this product affects clients' lashes and pocketbooks (it can be used with or without lash extensions).  Here are a few of my thoughts--based on my experience as a lash artist combined with my own personal research:
  1. It's risky.  I can ALWAYS tell if a client has used or is using Latisse.  The eyelids are irritated and there is evidence of strain on the skin.  It also can change the color of a client's eyes or eyelids.  
  2. It's expensive.  Latisse will cost you about $120 per month. 
  3. It's temporary. Stop using the product and your lashes return to "normal."
  4. It doesn't look like mascara.  NovaLash extensions actually replace your mascara, so you don't have to worry about flakes, streaks, or caking on mascara.  With Latisse, you will most likely still use mascara and have the same costs and experiences associated with using it. 
  5. Consumer Reports warns against it.  See this video for more information:

If you're in the market for longer lashes, be sure to check out ALL of your options. I'm a bit biased, but I really believe that NovaLash individual extensions are THE ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to safely get longer, fuller, thicker lashes.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kardashian Lashes? Yes, PLEASE!

Kim Kardashian's incredible lashes
Fabulous lashes are not just for Hollywood celebrities. YOU can absolutely have long, thick, amazing lashes (and it won't break the bank or require any mascara)!!

I promise you: women LOVE NovaLashes (& men love looking at them).  They are a celebrity choice product because they are of superior quality and safety, and because they feminize the face and accentuate a woman's natural beauty.  The eyes really are "the windows to the soul."  Make your "windows" FABULOUS! 

Love Kim's Lashes, but want something a bit more natural?  Not a problem.  Love Those Lashes can give you the look you desire with varied lengths, thicknesses, and curls.