Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's time to go big!

Hey ladies! It’s Katie, Amy’s intern, again. I just wanted to do a quick reminder post about how beneficial lash extensions can be to you. Not only are they affordable and pain-free to have applied, but they also really add to your appearance, and essentially your confidence. Because I work for Amy, I have lash extensions of course, and I can’t imagine not having them! They are the best thing EVER. I recently started using the NovaLash lash liner and that was basically the icing on the cake. Seriously, next time you are putting mascara on, just think about the time and effort you could be saving to have even better, more natural looking lashes that are on all the time!

If you’re not convinced yet, check out these celebs with and without make-up on. The eyes really are the most important part when doing your make-up and these celebs go big with their lashes. It’s time you go big, too! Call Amy today for your appointment!