Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Line Those Lashes in Confidence, Baby!

Hey ladies! It's Katie, the Lashionista in training. I just had an itch to tell brag to you all (again) about the NovaLash lash liner. This awesome accessory for your flutters is my favorite product to use with my lashes. It's super easy, quick, and adds definition to your lashes. The pencil point on the lash liner is so sharp and goes on so softly there's no way you won't fall in love! The lash liner especially comes in handy when you are getting to the end of your lash cycle and have some gaps of missing lashes. Just line with the lash liner and you can't even tell. These puppies are selling like hot cakes, though, so either make an appointment with Amy, the Lashionista, or head to her BRAND NEW website to order now!