Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do Your Lash Research

The Secret is Out and it's getting BIG!  Lash extensions are making the headlines everywhere--from talk shows, to reality shows, to celebrity gossip pages, to magazine covers (see Allure's February issue).

Top Three Things You should know about Lash Extensions as you're seeing and hearing all this hype:
A "Cat Eye" can be created with Lash Extensions
  1. Not all lash extensions are created the same! Some brands of adhesives are not safe for your eyes.  NovaLash's Platinum Bond adhesive is a SAFE, MEDICAL-GRADE, adhesive, produced following FDA guidelines and is created without formaldehyde. 
  2. Your lash artist matters!  Even if the best supplies are used, you should only trust your eyes to well trained lash artists, who take safety and sanitation seriously.                                     ***A Note To My Clients:  I am one of only three ADVANCED CERTIFIED LASH Artists in Ohio, and I have been awarded 2nd Place in the Lash Artist of the Year Competition ("Most Natural Lash").  You are in good hands.  
  3.  You get what you pay for! Yes, you can get lashes from the mall for $30, but these are not quality eyelash extensions.  (See #1 and #2 above).  However, REAL lash extensions are placed one-by-one on each of your natural lashes.  Lash extensions are not clusters or flares of lashes glued on; they are INDIVIDUAL and there are hundreds of them placed on each eye.  Before you commit know what you are getting.  
 Lash extensions are the next big thing.  So, do your research!