Comments From My Clients About Their Extensions

"I was a little skeptical/nervous at first (I've never done anything like this before) and really had no idea what to expect, but after getting my lashes done by Amy, I am absolutely IN LOVE!!! They are SOOO natural looking and Amy made the process SO easy and comfortable... she is a true artist! I would recommend these for ANY occasion and they are even a great everyday look to make your eyes even more beautiful!" ~ Julie

"I like how my lashes look fuller and longer - and the fact they do not look fake!  
The experience of getting lashes was actually very relaxing.  The chair was so comfortable.  With my eyes closed and the nice music - I probably could have fallen asleep while my lashes were being applied." ~ Sandy

"I love my lashes because I never have to worry about putting mascara on. They make me feel like my eyes are beautiful, and they pop out even through my glasses. Plus, I get hit on like three times a week!!" ~ Caitlin

"I love my new lash extensions! For one, the color my eyes "pop" like crazy! And it's awesome not worrying about mascara.  Amy was also very professional and, since this was my first time with lash extensions, she put any nerves at ease." ~ Lauren

"I like having lash extensions because I can easily go from day to night with the addition of some eyeshadow and no need for a mascara touch-up.  My natural lashes are short and the extensions add a tasteful drama that makes me feel great." ~ Jennifer