Why Novalash?

Reasons to Choose NovaLashes by Amy
Photo Courtesy of Holli Stevenson,
Bella Photography, Cincy, OH

1. Amy is a certified, skilled, AWARD-WINNING NovaLash Extensionist who will artistically apply extensions that will meet your needs and accent your natural features, giving you the look you desire--from daily wear, to professional, to glamorous-diva lashes.

2. Safety precautions and sanitation measures are taken to ensure the best, most comfortable experience for every client.

3. NovaLash’s Platinum Bond adhesive is award winning, made in America, FDA approved, and will not harm your natural lashes. It is the only eyelash extension system that is certified and tested, phamaceutical grade and doctor formulated for safety.

4. Amy’s prices are competitive and fair.  Returning clients are rewarded for their loyalty with products and free services.  New and existing clients may also take advantage of various specials and coupons offered throughout the year.   

5. NovaLash lashes and adhesive outlast all other lash extensions on the market.  See the NovaLash Challenge below. 

NovaLash Challenge: Dare To Compare

NovaLash® challenge purpose: A double-blind study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of NovaLash brand extra strength elastomeric adhesive (Platinum Bond®) versus other extra strength cyonoacrylate lash adhesives.

Challenge Method: 40 extra curly 0.2mm diameter NovaLash® brand lash extensions were placed on the left side with Platinum Bond® adhesive. On the right, 40 of a leading competitor's extensions were applied using "extra strength" adhesive of Asian origin.

Challenge Results: By week number 2, the competitor's side showed signs of adhesive breakdown and lash extension loss.

NovaLash® Challenge Conclusion: NovaLash® brand Platinum Bond® adhesive was shown to be 4 times as effective as the leading competitor in the following areas: strength, durability, pigmentation, texture, and curl.