Monday, April 25, 2011

Blushing Brides, Beautiful Lashes

Love Those Lashes will make your Wedding Day Picture Perfect

Longer, thicker, beautiful, natural-looking lashes for your Wedding Day are possible with Love Those Lashes Eyelash Extensions.

Now booking appointments for summer and fall weddings.

Check out my Bride and Bridal Party Specials!

A Very Special Thanks to Sherrie Fisher for taking these beautiful photos.  If you are interested in learning more about Sherrie's photography and pricing, please email her at:
Also, thank you to amazing women in the photos: Kelly Dunham, Lauren Isaac, and Julie Dunham.  These ladies are beautiful inside and out and I enjoyed working with each of them.

All pictures are covered by Copyright laws and are the sole ownership of the photographer. If you want to use a picture(s), contact us at and we will inform the photographer of your request. Pictures are not to be copied, cropped, or modified in anyway. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Special Pricing for You: Blog Special

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.   I've been posting on this blog for one month now and I've decided that I love integrating technology into my business!  Through this site, I've met some amazing clients from all over the area, as well as made contact with hundreds of you interested in getting lashes, but waiting for the "perfect" moment.  Well, there's no time like the present to book your appointment!

As a special thanks to you for supporting me, visiting my blog, or following me, I'd like to present a Gift to you that is ONLY POSTED HERE.

If you book a lash appointment (full set, party set, or fill-in*), by May 21st (the second month "anniversary" of my blog), and mention that you saw the BLOG SPECIAL, you'll get $20 off of your service.  This great deal is on top of my already AMAZING prices (Have you seen how much NovaLashes are everywhere else?  Seriously.)

*Prom lashes get a $10 discount.

So, email me or call.  Book your appointment before May 21st.  You will LOVE YOUR LASHES (and the price)!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Get the Hottest Hollywood LOOK

How do the hottest celebrities get FABULOUS lashes?  (Guess what? It's not mascara!)  Check out THIS ARTICLE from "Celebrity Limelight for more information about celebrity lash secrets.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The NovaLash Difference

Don't hassle with fake-looking
"lash strips."
"Cluster lashes" are a thing
of the past.
Ever tried false lashes for Halloween or a special party? Remember how they fell off half-way through the night?  Or maybe you pulled them off?  OUCH!  Those strip lashes and lash clusters are things of the past (and p.s., they're not actually lash extensions, they don't extend your natural lashes, they just replace them or cover them)! You can actually have longer lashes EVERYDAY without the daily hassle of mascara or the application of "falsies" that harm your natural lashes or eyes.

NovaLashes are different.  They are applied as single lash extensions placed on top of each natural lash.  The look is fuller, thicker, beautiful lashes that you can live your life in.  Go ahead--workout, swim, spa, sleep, dance, have fun--without worrying about mascara or your lashes.  These lashes are perfect for ladies who want to reduce their daily make-up/mascara application time and appear to have longer, thicker lashes, as well as for special events, like dates, proms, weddings, holiday parties, birthdays, etc.  

NovaLashes are natural-looking
and applied lash-to-lash.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love Those Lashes has Joined the Twitterverse!

I'm now on Twitter and my following is growing.  Don't miss out!  When I reach 300 followers, 
I will begin tweeting TWITTER ONLY specials and discounts.  
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PROM SPECIALS: Eyelash Extensions for Your Special Night

Photo courtesy: 
Whether you're going to Prom with your new beau or just the girls, you'll want to check out the Special Prom Pricing for Lash Extensions that I am offering for this season.  You'll love not having to worry about your mascara, making getting ready so much more convenient (and let's face it...a WHOLE LOT FASTER).

Eyelash Extensions are THE BEAUTY BUZZ right now!  

So, why get NovaLash extensions rather than lashes at the mall or applying them yourself?

1. NovaLashes can be applied well in advance of Prom and they will last through Prom, into After Prom, and even look great the following weeks!  These are semi-permanent lash extensions.

2. You already have enough to worry about!  If you get NovaLash extensions, you won't have to be wondering if your lashes will fall off half-way through the night.

3. Your eyes deserve the best, safest extensions.  Many of the adhesives used for lash extensions are actually made from (and I'm not kidding) the same stuff that's in motor oil!  Make sure your adhesive is made in the USA, pharmaceutical grade and FDA approved.  Seriously.

Check out my Prom Special Pricing for details!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Looking for Longer Lashes? Before You Buy, Check Out These Guidelines

Looking for longer lashes?  You may have heard about some cheaper ones at your salon or even at the mall.  Do NOT BE FOOLED!  Not all lash extensions are the same and some are even harmful.  Check out these guidelines Before deciding about your lash extensions.

NovaLash Adhesive is Award-Winning!
1.  Make sure the product is SAFE.  You should ask your Extensionist about what's in the adhesive, the safety standards followed in its development, and it's long term impact on your eyes and eyelashes.  Here's the scoop: Almost ALL of the lash adhesives on the market today contain cancer causing substances such as formaldehyde, EXCEPT NOVALASH!  This means that the adhesive that I will use to give your lashes a beautiful, thicker look, will not harm your eyes or lashes because NovaLash adhesive is pharmaceutical grade, FDA & doctor approved, and made in the U.S.A. (Super important, as most of the adhesives on the market are not regulated.  Scary stuff!)

2. Know the difference.  Lash extensions, lash strips, and lash clusters are not created equally.  Lash extensions (like NovaLash Extensions) are applied lash-to-lash.  This means that a single lash extensions is bonded to each lash individually, giving you a full, thick look.  Lash strips and clusters are meant to be worn for one day and usually last...well, they might not even last one day.  (Ever bought lashes from the cosmetic department for a special event/Halloween and had them hanging off and bothering you by the end of the night?)  Lash strips or clusters can also cause significant damage to your natural lashes and the sensitive eye area.  Do not put your beautiful eyes and natural lashes at risk.  Extensions are the Best way to get longer, fuller, thicker, lashes.(See my future post about lash extensions, strips, and clusters).

Lash-to-lash Application
3. Choose a Certified Extensionist.  Putting on lash extensions is not simple stuff, especially if you want it done well.  Right now, almost anyone can put lashes on and charge you for it. Wowzers!  Don't risk it with someone who doesn't have the training and education to safely apply extensions. Your Extensionist should follow safety and sanitation guidelines, and be very knowledgeable about the product and process.  Ask questions.  See her certificate.

Please feel free to EMAIL ME if you want more information about what you should look for in lash extensions.  I love NovaLash and I think it is the absolute BEST product on the market, but I would be happy to answer general questions about lash extensions and share my knowledge about the lash industry.