Saturday, April 2, 2011

Looking for Longer Lashes? Before You Buy, Check Out These Guidelines

Looking for longer lashes?  You may have heard about some cheaper ones at your salon or even at the mall.  Do NOT BE FOOLED!  Not all lash extensions are the same and some are even harmful.  Check out these guidelines Before deciding about your lash extensions.

NovaLash Adhesive is Award-Winning!
1.  Make sure the product is SAFE.  You should ask your Extensionist about what's in the adhesive, the safety standards followed in its development, and it's long term impact on your eyes and eyelashes.  Here's the scoop: Almost ALL of the lash adhesives on the market today contain cancer causing substances such as formaldehyde, EXCEPT NOVALASH!  This means that the adhesive that I will use to give your lashes a beautiful, thicker look, will not harm your eyes or lashes because NovaLash adhesive is pharmaceutical grade, FDA & doctor approved, and made in the U.S.A. (Super important, as most of the adhesives on the market are not regulated.  Scary stuff!)

2. Know the difference.  Lash extensions, lash strips, and lash clusters are not created equally.  Lash extensions (like NovaLash Extensions) are applied lash-to-lash.  This means that a single lash extensions is bonded to each lash individually, giving you a full, thick look.  Lash strips and clusters are meant to be worn for one day and usually last...well, they might not even last one day.  (Ever bought lashes from the cosmetic department for a special event/Halloween and had them hanging off and bothering you by the end of the night?)  Lash strips or clusters can also cause significant damage to your natural lashes and the sensitive eye area.  Do not put your beautiful eyes and natural lashes at risk.  Extensions are the Best way to get longer, fuller, thicker, lashes.(See my future post about lash extensions, strips, and clusters).

Lash-to-lash Application
3. Choose a Certified Extensionist.  Putting on lash extensions is not simple stuff, especially if you want it done well.  Right now, almost anyone can put lashes on and charge you for it. Wowzers!  Don't risk it with someone who doesn't have the training and education to safely apply extensions. Your Extensionist should follow safety and sanitation guidelines, and be very knowledgeable about the product and process.  Ask questions.  See her certificate.

Please feel free to EMAIL ME if you want more information about what you should look for in lash extensions.  I love NovaLash and I think it is the absolute BEST product on the market, but I would be happy to answer general questions about lash extensions and share my knowledge about the lash industry.