Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PROM SPECIALS: Eyelash Extensions for Your Special Night

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Whether you're going to Prom with your new beau or just the girls, you'll want to check out the Special Prom Pricing for Lash Extensions that I am offering for this season.  You'll love not having to worry about your mascara, making getting ready so much more convenient (and let's face it...a WHOLE LOT FASTER).

Eyelash Extensions are THE BEAUTY BUZZ right now!  

So, why get NovaLash extensions rather than lashes at the mall or applying them yourself?

1. NovaLashes can be applied well in advance of Prom and they will last through Prom, into After Prom, and even look great the following weeks!  These are semi-permanent lash extensions.

2. You already have enough to worry about!  If you get NovaLash extensions, you won't have to be wondering if your lashes will fall off half-way through the night.

3. Your eyes deserve the best, safest extensions.  Many of the adhesives used for lash extensions are actually made from (and I'm not kidding) the same stuff that's in motor oil!  Make sure your adhesive is made in the USA, pharmaceutical grade and FDA approved.  Seriously.

Check out my Prom Special Pricing for details!