Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My NovaLash Web Debut!!!

Hello Lash Ladies!  Loyal blog readers know that I'm a NovaLash Diva.  Yes, that's right: A Trained, Certified, NovaLash Extensionist.  I love meeting new clients, artfully applying lashes, seeing the beautiful transformations that take place when lashes are applied, and talking with clients about how their lash extensions make them feel.  I chose NovaLash because their products are of superior quality (pharmaceutical grade & FDA approved) and because they are designed to highlight the best features of your eyes.  I especially love the way their lashes hold their curl and can be worn while swimming or working out.  I stand by the NovaLash brand.
And so I was THRILLED that they have showcased my blog on their website!!!!!

You can find my blog post on their site by CLICKING HERE or you can go to, click on the "News" tab, scroll down to "In the Media" and click.  You'll find my blog listed right below the videos.