Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Check Out These Lashes

Before every lash application, I always consult with my clients about the look they desire for their lashes.  Most clients start out wanting modest lashes, medium thickness and length, not too much curl--very professional, natural looking lashes.  I love doing this type of application.

However, when a client comes in for her consultation and says, "Give me the BIGGEST DIVA Lashes you have," I get super stoked.  I LOVE long, thick, full lashes that people can't take their eyes off of!!  And I especially love giving clients (who want this this look) these SHOW-STOPPING Lashes!!  These are the super fabulous lashes that my beautiful new client, Chelsea, asked for.  Chelsea is a gorgeous girl--inside and out--and it was a pleasure meeting her!  Even though my cell phone camera doesn't do her eyes justice, here is a glimpse at her before and after look:

Before and After Lashes