Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Love Client Lash Photos!

Kristine's Long Lashes
As you may have noticed from my previous posts (or from looking at my before and after photo page), I always take before and after photos of my clients (and then text or email my clients the pictures).  And although my smartphone photos get the job done (I'm a lash artist, not a photographer), they don't really show off my clients' personalities and flair.  So, I have an open invitation to all my clients to send me their own pictures of their NovaLashed eyes.  I LOVE these photos!! (So, all my clients reading this blog, get out your cameras and send me those lash pics!!)

Love it!!

Which brings me to Kristine--a smart, gorgeous girl with a big personality--who sent me some of her own lash photos this week after I applied a full set on her!  And although I knew her (sort of) before becoming her lash artist, I felt honored to get to know her on a personal level while giving her some SERIOUS FAB-U-LASHES!  Kristine came in wanting the biggest, most glamorous lashes I could give we went ALL OUT!!!  Check out these lashes and Kristine's amazing look!