Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miami University Lash Ambassador Rocks Long Lashes

All this lashin' can really wear a gal out, so I've enlisted the help of a Lash Ambassador/ Intern.  Can I just say that I LOVE having intern Katie Borgert, Miami University sophomore/ marketing major extraordinaire, working with me.  She's smart, kind, hard-working, reliable, beautiful, and loads of fun.  And best of all, she puts up with my craziness--and does so with a smile. (Nothing like sitting next to me during a full day of lashes while I keep dropping things on the floor, right Katie?)  

Katie is working with me to spread the word about Love Those Lashes, LLC to Miami University ladies and also assisting me with social networking and blogging.  Her perks--well, she gets to rock some serious lashes!!!!!  Check out these gorgeous eyes:
Katie Loves Having Thick, Dramatic Lashes