Saturday, January 14, 2012

Candied Lashes Put a Sparkle in Your Wink

Love your NovaLashes?  Yeah, me too!  My one-of-a-kind-she's-the-greatest intern, Katie, has been practicing her mad lash skills on me and she's doing a fantabulous job (Not a word? Who cares?!!)!  Check out Katie's Candied Lashes HERE

So, in the spirit of winter and to fight the dreary cold, I have asked her to glam me up a bit with some of NovaLash's Candied Lashes.  These are lash extensions that are covered in a micro-fine glitter, adding just a tiny bit of shimmer to your full set of lash extensions.

Candied Lashes come in the following colors:  
Cinnamon Toast (brown), Blue Raspberry (blue), Mint Chocolate Chip (green), Pink Lemonade (pink), Butterscotch (gold), Sugar Plum (purple), & Licorice (black)

Check out my pricing page for more information about options for these super fun lashes!