Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh Baby, I'm Advanced Certified

I believe my Lash business success is a combination of two things: superior skills and a little swag.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the word, "SWAG," I like to describe it as a sassy confidence.  And my clients know--I've got a little DIVA swag in me for sure (ok, I'm a serious DIVA). I even wear an apron while doing lashes that pretty much spells it out.  Picture to come soon!

Back to the swag.  I've got it.  And now, I've got the ADVANCED NOVALASH Certification to back it up.  Yes, I've been Certified by NovaLash and I've done some schwankity lashes, but now I've got a few more tricks in my bag of lash skills.  I've been trained and approved by Sophia Navarro, world-wide lash guru and TOP NovaLash Extensionist from Houston, Texas.  Check her out HERE.  

So, come see me: the now Advanced Trained Lashionista.  I'll give you some super fab lashes--Promise!