Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't Think About Anything But Mink for Your Blink!

Hey lash lovers, it's Katie! I recently posted about getting mink lashes for your next fill-in. That was before I actually got my mink lashes put on. I saw the fabulash lash artist, Amy, yesterday to get my blink minked and let me tell you....I AM IN LOVE! I don't think I can get anything besides mink lashes from now on. They are super soft and natural looking but still give me the definition and length that I love. With mink lashes, because they are so light, Amy is able to put two or three extensions on each of your natural lashes which gives you more "points", giving you the look of a fuller blink. These lashes are a must-try for all lash lovers out there!

If you're interested reading more about mink lashes, or would like to make an appointment to "Mink Your Blink," visit http://nomascara.com.