Thursday, June 28, 2012

Men With Long Lashes = Real or Extensions?

Some men are born with great lashes (seriously!), but don't jump to conclusions.  You never know, those lashes on your male co-worker might be NovaLashes.  Yes, ladies, it's true.  Men can lash out and be damn sexy doing it.  

Their reasons are varied--but let's not judge!  NovaLash eyelashes are so fabulous, I think everyone should have them.  Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, I look at my hubs when I kiss him and fantasize about putting lash extensions on him.  (Don't tell him I said that.  I'm sure he'd prefer I'd be fantasizing about something else more romantic.  Wah-wah!)

Watch this video and see Ted Gibson get NovaLash extensions put on. And if your man could use some lashes, you know where to send him (ME!)!!