Thursday, June 21, 2012

NEW NovaLash Aftercare Kits

Well, there have been a few changes around of which is the NEW NovaLash Aftercare Kit.  It contains the same quality products that you are familiar with (cleanLASH pads, NovaLash mascara, extra wand), but this box has had a make over!  

It's sleek, stylish, and a step-up from the old "plastic zip bag" that the NovaLash products were originally package in.  And there are a few more changes: 1. The mascara is now SEALED with a plastic band, as are the cleanLASH pads).  2. The aftercare instructions located in the kit have been reformatted and written, giving you some more specifics about optimizing your lash care.  

These kits can be purchased for $50 and are DEFINITELY worth it!  Protect your Lash Extension Investment--keeping you and your Lashionista Happy :)

Please EMAIL ME if you'd like to purchase a NEW kit and I will ship it to you for FREE!