Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jess is a Lashin' Rock Star...But You Already Knew That

We've posted about our newest Lashionista's mad lash skills and her clients are RAVING about her precision and style (let's face it: she's incredible).  Okay, okay, so we didn't have to tell you that!  But we thought just in case you were still thinking about booking your next appointment with her, that we'd SHOW you just how talented Diva #2 is ( offense, Jess, but Diva #1 was already taken by someone else that works here.  Ha!)

Here are Diva #2's Lashes on Diva #1!
Translation:  These fabulous lashes were beautifully applied by Jess!!

The proof is in the picture.  Wow!  No Mascara, Just thick, dark curled lashes ~  LOVE!

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