Monday, October 24, 2011

Biotin: The Supplement Your Lashes LOVE

Nioxin is another supplement that contains biotin
and is great for lash growth.  
Okay, I've posted about Lash + Doctor, the safe, natural growth serum that works from the outside-in to give you strong, healthy lashes.  This post is about making your lashes healthy from the inside-out.  In addition to your Lash + Doctor, I recommend (as a professional Lashionista) that you take the supplement: BIOTIN.

Biotin has often been used in Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamins and is one of the main ingredients in GNC's NourishHair Vitamin Complex.  It's also a main ingredient in Nioxin (pictured here), which is one of my favorite supplements for healthy hair and lashes.

I have a few clients who began taking biotin about 2 months ago and I could barely believe the results.  SO MANY NEW LASHES!!!

These kinds of results are doubly important:
1. More lashes means more extensions = fuller, thicker, fabulous lashes
2. Current lashes are healthy, strong, and supple, making them great platforms for extensions

You can check out what others are saying about Biotin. states that Biotin is one of the vitamins important for eyelash growth.

eHow names Biotin as an essential nutrient in growing back eyelashes longer.

*Here's my official Lashionista statement in fine print: I'm not a doctor.  Ask your doctor before taking any supplements and the statements on my blog are not being endorsed by the FDA.  You get it :)