Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You Can Have Celebrity Lashes

Jennifer Lopez with Gorgeous MINK Lash Extensions. 
Until now, mink eyelashes were only being custom made for celebrities like Oprah, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez for thousands of dollars or more a pair. With this offer, you no longer have to be a celebrity to look like one and wear the highest quality lashes on the market!

Our Mink Lashes are enviously thick in appearance yet delicately light and fluttery to wear. Minks has a unique natural sheen adding a twinkle to the eyes that cannot be achieved with regular synthetic lash extensions, lash builders or the latest mascara. Our glossy mink lashes add instant eye catching allure. Who wouldn’t want to flaunt the fact that these lashes are 100% real lush mink furs, harvested without harming animals in any way? You can be chic and fashionably responsible!

Our Mink Lashes are obtained by gently brushing live farm animals in Russia, harvested, sterilized and meticulously assembled and curled.
Because of the delicate nature of the Mink furs, everything is 100% handmade for proper handling.
Mink hairs are virtually weightless so 1-3 mink lashes per natural lash will be applied to add volume and give clients a soft, professional, yet flirty look.

Lashes will last up to 6 weeks, but touch up appointments may be necessary every 3-4 weeks in order to keep the lashes looking fabulously full and thick.