Sunday, May 27, 2012

What is a Lash Extension?

A Lash Extension is a single fiber that is applied on ONE of your natural lashes.  This process of one-to-one application is repeated 100-300 times PER eye (depending on the client's natural lashes), until a longer, thicker, fuller look is achieved.  This process requires exact technique and does not harm your natural lashes.

These ARE Lash Extensions: Single fibers.

These are NOT Lash Extensions.  

So, Why does it matter?

Lash Extensions:

  • Do Not Harm your natural lashes when applied correctly
  • Should be applied by a skilled, certified lash artist.
  • Usually cost more than "individuals," "flares," or "strips," but that's because it takes time and skill to apply them.  
Know the Facts and make informed decisions about your lashes!  You deserve only the BEST for your eyes.