Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jess is a Lashin' Rock Star...But You Already Knew That

We've posted about our newest Lashionista's mad lash skills and her clients are RAVING about her precision and style (let's face it: she's incredible).  Okay, okay, so we didn't have to tell you that!  But we thought just in case you were still thinking about booking your next appointment with her, that we'd SHOW you just how talented Diva #2 is ( offense, Jess, but Diva #1 was already taken by someone else that works here.  Ha!)

Here are Diva #2's Lashes on Diva #1!
Translation:  These fabulous lashes were beautifully applied by Jess!!

The proof is in the picture.  Wow!  No Mascara, Just thick, dark curled lashes ~  LOVE!

CLICK HERE to Book Your Full Set of Luxurious NovaLash Extensions with Jess in November for only $125.  Mention this post and get your 1st fill-in with her for half price.  Be a DIVA. Just do it!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Blink Boutique Virtual Tour

Have you been curious about the new Oxford location of The Blink Boutique?  Are you wondering if you should book your next appointment (or your very first appointment) there?  Prepare to be WOWED as we take you on a virtual tour of the boutique and show you what we are so proud of!  (And your answer will most definitely be "yes" to that appointment!)

The boutique is located in this historic house at 103 W. Walnut Street, Suite C, in beautiful Oxford, Ohio!  There is ample street parking in front of the house as well as the side street.

Go through the front door and up the steps!  We are located to the left at the top of the staircase.

Remember, we have walk-in hours on Thursdays and Saturdays from 12:00pm-6:00pm.  You can come by to check out our products and services or even have a walk-in lash application.  We also take appointments other days of the week through our online scheduling system.

Just through the doors to the left we have our own private restroom just for Blink clients.  If you continue straight down the hall, you will arrive at our reception area.  The photo below is from the back of the reception, looking towards the front door.

In the reception area, we always have current stock of cosmetic or retail products.  Displayed here you can see our Rodan + Fields anti-aging skin care line as well as jewelry and other retail for sale.

(Oh, hi Jess!)

Take the first doorway to your right off of the reception area and you will enter our lash studio!  We have created a comfortable and relaxing environment for clients to have their lashes applied.  And, if you want to bring a guest with you when you come to keep you company or check out our space, we have plenty of seating for them.

But wait--there's more!

We also have a loft space upstairs that can be used for a variety of purposes, but we envision it as a congregating area for party groups who come to Blink to be pampered and then get ready for a big night out.  Can't you just imagine a bridal party who are have lashes applied for an event (bachelorette party or wedding day) and then use this loft space to get dressed?  (Isn't the natural light in this loft beautiful?)

We also have our own on-site office space and kitchen!  I hope we have swayed you to come check out the boutique in person.  You'll love what we have to offer there, and we can't wait to see what The Blink Boutique grows into!

(Also, have you checked out our Facebook page recently?  We post lots of up-to-the-minute Blink news there as well as pictures!)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Don't Miss a BLINK

Keep yourself in the loop.  We'll send you the insiders' scoop on the BLINK Boutique, Lash Extensions, cosmetics, and other gifts of Glam.  To be sure that you don't miss a moment, you can subscribe to our list by typing in your email in the box to the right. Enjoy, divas!

Friday, October 26, 2012

The word is out, ladies!  Your search for the perfect mascara is OVER!  Why?  Because you don't need it when you have fabulous lashes from BLINK.

Want to know more?  Or interested in booking your appointment at BLINK?  Go to our website:

We promise:  You'll LOVE your lashes!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Dayton Women's Fair Recap

It's been a few weeks, but we still wanted to tell you about the great time we had at the Dayton Women's Fair!  This awesome convention was held September 15 & 16 at the Dayton Airport Expo Center.  With free parking and a huge variety of vendor booths dedicated to serving the health and lifestyles of women, a big crowd showed up for this event.

(I'm sorry the pics are a little dark--florescent lights do not lend themselves to good photography!)

The Blink Boutique hosted our very own booth!  We showcased a variety of our products and services and talked to hundreds of women throughout the weekend.  As you can see, Amy is sitting at the edge of the booth applying lashes!

We had customers all throughout Saturday and Sunday who signed up to have lashes applied on site.  We drew quite a crowd as women are extremely curious and interested in this new beauty trend.  Our newest Lashionista, Jessica, and our marketing manager, Jen, helped Amy out by answering the many questions asked by the women who gathered around to see Amy apply lashes.

Did you know that Amy also sells Rodan + Fields skin care products at the Blink Boutique?  This dermatologist created line of products is bringing anti-aging skin care to the masses.  Don't hesitate to ask Amy for information about these products, and we can't wait to tell you more about them!

What did we learn from attending this event?  Women want to have lash parties!  Yes, you want to get together with your girlfriends, some snacks, some good tunes, and be pampered!  It's your lucky day because the Blink Boutique location in Oxford is perfect for any group of girlfriends to gather.  Keep your eye on our website for details about booking a lash party soon!

Did you attend the Dayton Women's Fair?  What did you think about the event?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Introducing Our Newest Lashionista: Jessica!

Hey Lash Lovers!  We've got some new faces around The Blink Boutique, and it's about time we introduced them to you.

Meet Jessica!

Just who is Jessica?  She is Amy's assistant and a Lashionista in training!  Here's her introduction, in her own words:

I was born and raised in beautiful Oxford, Ohio, and am a graduate of Talawanda High School. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart, Zach, and we recently made an addition to our little family! Our beautiful baby boy, Eli, was born this summer, and I absolutely adore him!  Becoming a Lashionista isn't just a job to me; it's becoming a way of life!   Since becoming a mother, I have realized how hectic life can be and how making simple changes--like having beautiful lash extensions--frees up time time needed for kids, work, sleep, and most importantly myself. I am nearly done with my lash artist training, and it is my goal as your Lashionista to provide you with the education and knowledge so you have the best customer experience possible.
Want to welcome Jessica to the team?  Leave a comment here or you can email her at  She will be taking clients soon at the Oxford Blink Boutique location!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Before and After 2012 Edition

You may remember this gorgeous model, Sarah Brown, from my 2011 NovaLash Video.  She's fun, super chill, and definitely a beautiful face you're going to be seeing around (Stay tuned for the Chiquita Banana Chip Commerical!). I loved working with her so much on my video, that I invited her back this year for NovaLash Take II: 2012 Edition. This time, it was for a photo shoot.

All I can say is: WOW.  Here's a sneak peak at a before and after photo from the session.  Don't worry. More pics to come!

Thanks to Andy Judd for taking this photo.  To see more of his work, please visit his Facebook page.
You can also view more information about Sarah, by visiting her Facebook page.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Check out these fancy flutters!  A full set of luxurious lashes that I applied yesterday to my assistant.  Super thick and dark & glam.  Go, Girl!  Flash those Lashes!!!

No Mascara! Just Novalash!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vote. Vote. Vote. Thank you!

So, there are only 3 more days left in the NovaLash Lash Artist of the Year Competition and I would really love your vote.  Voting is simple...Just CLICK HERE.  You can watch my video and see how I apply NovaLash's Candied Lashes, which are AWESOME, and of course see another Fabu-LASH transformation.  You can vote once per day.  Thanks & SMOOCH!

Thank you to my flippin' fabulous model, Melissa and to Pinata Productions for helping me create this video.

Monday, July 16, 2012


The Lash Artist of the Year Competition kicked off tonight and is in full effect!  If you LOVE lashes and want to see some serious NovaLash divas in action, you will Love watching the Lash Off 2012 videos. 
Here's the scoop: Starting July 16th, you can vote once per 24 Hours! I'd be honored to recieve your vote.  So, check out my video...and ENJOY!

 CLICK HERE to view my NEW Lash Off Video!

P.S.  I use NovaLash's Candied Lashes in the Video.  They are flippin' sweet!  

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Schedule Your Appointment Online

Want to schedule an appointment for lash extensions?  Easy as pie (which, is a rather strange saying, don't you think?)  Go to: and pick your day & time.

Starting in August, you'll be able to schedule for services in Trenton (as usual) AND at the NEW location in Oxford.  Your choice.  Yay for choices!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Men With Long Lashes = Real or Extensions?

Some men are born with great lashes (seriously!), but don't jump to conclusions.  You never know, those lashes on your male co-worker might be NovaLashes.  Yes, ladies, it's true.  Men can lash out and be damn sexy doing it.  

Their reasons are varied--but let's not judge!  NovaLash eyelashes are so fabulous, I think everyone should have them.  Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, I look at my hubs when I kiss him and fantasize about putting lash extensions on him.  (Don't tell him I said that.  I'm sure he'd prefer I'd be fantasizing about something else more romantic.  Wah-wah!)

Watch this video and see Ted Gibson get NovaLash extensions put on. And if your man could use some lashes, you know where to send him (ME!)!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Lash Photos Posting...

It's about time I had some new photos up on this blog, don't you think?  On Saturday, Jennifer Davis Smith Kotzbauer, photographer extraordinaire, of PhotoJenn-ic Photography, took some new photos of a few of my clients.  

We had a great photo session and I'm excited about posting the new pics.  Check out a few of the photos below.  (More to come, so stay tuned). 

Thanks to Vickie, Rita, Amy, & Paige for being wonderful models/divas.  *smooch*

Thursday, June 21, 2012

NEW NovaLash Aftercare Kits

Well, there have been a few changes around of which is the NEW NovaLash Aftercare Kit.  It contains the same quality products that you are familiar with (cleanLASH pads, NovaLash mascara, extra wand), but this box has had a make over!  

It's sleek, stylish, and a step-up from the old "plastic zip bag" that the NovaLash products were originally package in.  And there are a few more changes: 1. The mascara is now SEALED with a plastic band, as are the cleanLASH pads).  2. The aftercare instructions located in the kit have been reformatted and written, giving you some more specifics about optimizing your lash care.  

These kits can be purchased for $50 and are DEFINITELY worth it!  Protect your Lash Extension Investment--keeping you and your Lashionista Happy :)

Please EMAIL ME if you'd like to purchase a NEW kit and I will ship it to you for FREE!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Video Review of NovaLash

Check out this review by Kielgirl09 on Youtube.  She gives a great review of her experience and the process, as well as a description of the NovaLash Aftercare Products!  Enjoy!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Heart Lashes!

Check out a recent client's gorgeous eyes! So flirty and fun!! 

*Photos were taken with my camera phone and have been untouched/unedited, aside from the added trademark name.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lash Love In The News

Every day (and I'm not kidding about this), I see or hear or read something new about lash extensions.  From the local news, to celebrity news, to the radio.  Add all that lash news to the constant lash thoughts in my head ("oohh..look at her lashes," or "that guy's lashes are longer than mine") and it's total lash chaos in my mind. Here's an article from the Huffington Post that I found a few weeks ago about lashes. Read and Enjoy! 

*Note that they mention NOVALASH, as the lash industry's safest lash adhesive!!!! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

LOVE THESE Lashes!!!

Here is a recent Before/After Lash Photo from my lovely client, Catie. She has gorgeous eyes to start with, so the lashes really highlight her iris color.

Photos are 100% untouched and taken with my cell phone camera.

*P.S. Notice the NEW name "The Blink Boutique"?  More information to come about that endeavor very soon.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What is a Lash Extension?

A Lash Extension is a single fiber that is applied on ONE of your natural lashes.  This process of one-to-one application is repeated 100-300 times PER eye (depending on the client's natural lashes), until a longer, thicker, fuller look is achieved.  This process requires exact technique and does not harm your natural lashes.

These ARE Lash Extensions: Single fibers.

These are NOT Lash Extensions.  

So, Why does it matter?

Lash Extensions:

  • Do Not Harm your natural lashes when applied correctly
  • Should be applied by a skilled, certified lash artist.
  • Usually cost more than "individuals," "flares," or "strips," but that's because it takes time and skill to apply them.  
Know the Facts and make informed decisions about your lashes!  You deserve only the BEST for your eyes.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grow Your Lashes Without Side Effects

1. Nourish your body with Biotin.  Take it with your "fattiest" meal of the day, as it helps you metabolize fat and use it to nourish your lashes (and hair & skin).  

2. Use a SAFE, Natural, Lash Growth Serum.  I recommend Lipocils Expert.  And when say "recommend," I mean that I wouldn't use anything BUT Lipocils Expert :)  It will NOT change your eye color like that "other lash growth product on the market."  (Starts with an "L" and ends with "atisee.")

Clean Lash Conditioning Pads
3. With your lash extensions, you should absolutely be using the NovaLash Pomegranate Oil Clean Lash Conditioning and Make-up Remover Pads.  These pads provide your lashes with necessary oil to keep them soft and supple (vs. dry and brittle).  Clients who use the pads have better lashes--hands down.

*I will have my PhD in the next year, but I'm not a (medical) doctor.  Of course, ask yours before you take my suggestions.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Are Side Sleeper? That's a Lash No-No!

Side-Sleepers BEWARE!  Sleeping on your side not only damages your lash extensions, but it can also give you wrinkles.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Get The FACTS!

Ladies, the difference between NovaLash Lash Extensions and the other options are the market should be clear! Here are the facts:

  1. NovaLash's Platinum Bond adhesive is medical grade, manufactured in the U.S.A. and does not contain latex or formaldehyde.  It is safe and strong! 
  2. NovaLash Lash Extensions are applied one-by-one.  Which means that each one of your natural eyelashes is extended with a single lash extension, giving your somewhere between 100-300 individual Lash Extensions. This technique does not harm your natural eyelashes.
  3. Lash Artist experience matters!  Many clients comment about how easy it looks to apply lash extensions.  I'm not just saying this...It's NOT EASY!  In fact, anyone who wants to try it, should ask me (or your NovaLash artist) if you can try to apply a lash or two.  Improper techniques can cause damage.  Don't compromise your eyes!  I am an ADVANCED CERTIFIED NOVALASH Lash Artist.  You're in good hands. 
  4. NovaLash is the #1 Lash Extension Brand on the Market.  It is a celebrity choice lash extension, as well as the choice of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. 
Now, go get your LASH ON!!!  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Changes Taking Effect in the Lash World

Calling all Lash Divas!  (You know who you are!)  My pricing and services will change June 1st.  Here are a FEW of the differences:

A preview of the ONLINE Appointment Booking Page

  • You can book your appointment ONLINE!  Click HERE to Book!
  • Spring Special Price of $150 for a full set of Luxurious Lashes will end :(  
    • FYI:  There will be another special, but it will be different
  • Lash Fill-ins and Pricing will change.  
    • REGULAR FILL-IN     Price: $45-$50
      • This service is for regular clients who maintain their lashes and need a touch-up anywhere from 2-4 weeks of their last appointment.  Client has 50% or more lash extensions from previous application/ appointment.
    • MAX FILL-IN     Price: $65-$70
      • This service is for regular clients who maintain their lashes but may need more attention and lash application than a standard fill-in.  Client has less than 50% of extensions from previous application/appointment.
    • *RETURNING CLIENT FULL SET = $120-$125
      •     If Client has very few or zero lash extensions from previous application/appointment
  • And DRUM ROLL PLEASE...KATIE, Lashionista Extraordinaire, will be available for appointments.  She's amazing and definitely very talented.  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lipocils Expert Real Results

Want to actually see a difference from a client who used Lipocils Expert for only 28 days?  Check this out:

Before Using Lipocils Expert
After using Lipocils Expert
Notice in the "After" picture, how the lashes have become darker, longer, and thicker.  There are also new lashes growing.  Imagine using this product for 3 months!  Serious lashes coming at you!

Lipocils Expert Retails for $55. Contact Me by 5/31/12 for a Discount while supplies last!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More on Biotin for Lashes

Since I blogged about Biotin (SEE BLOG Post), I've had lots of questions about it.  I wanted to address a few of those questions here.  
First, I let me establish: I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR and you should consult your physician before taking my suggestions about biotin or any supplement.  

Now to the information about Biotin...

  1. Biotin is an essential nutrient for the growth and health of your lashes and is also known as Vitamin H. It is found in many hair, skin, and nail vitamins, such as Nioxin. 
  2. How much to take?  Many experts suggest around starting out at 2mg per day and increasing if necessary.  I take 5mg per day. I have found that the 5mg daily dose works well for me.  FYI: Biotin has no known toxicity.  But don't get crazy ;)
  3. Take it with your "fattiest" meal of the day, as biotin helps mobilize the fat in your food and use it effectively to nourish your lashes, etc. 
  4. Where can you buy it?  Biotin can be purchased at any drug store and most grocery stores.  Check near the vitamins.  As for the suggested brand--that's up to you.  
Combine Biotin use with Lipocils Expert and you're well on your way to the best lashes of your life!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lipocils Expert = Superior Lashes (Even With Lash Extensions)

You've heard me raving about this product and guess what...I'm not the only one going crazy about how awesome it is!!  Lipocils Expert is a botanical product that is safe, effective, and easy to use with or without eyelash extensions.  It will make your lashes stronger, longer, thicker, & darker.  More healthy lashes = more lash extensions!  

Interested in buying Lipocils Expert?  Contact me for a discount!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Creating Cat Eyes with Lash Extensions

You know you love the "cat eye" look, which celebrities like JLo & Angelina Jolie, have perfected.  Looking for this super sexy look? Easy-peasy!

The cat eye look is a created by lengthening the lashes on the outer corners of the eyes and creating a dark, full lash line.  Eyelash extensions can give you this look without the hassle of clumpy mascara or crazy make-up technique.  Make your beauty routine and your cat eyes simple!  Just ask for this look at your next lash appointment and VOILA: Sultry, Fun, Flirty Cat Eyes Will be Yours!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't Think About Anything But Mink for Your Blink!

Hey lash lovers, it's Katie! I recently posted about getting mink lashes for your next fill-in. That was before I actually got my mink lashes put on. I saw the fabulash lash artist, Amy, yesterday to get my blink minked and let me tell you....I AM IN LOVE! I don't think I can get anything besides mink lashes from now on. They are super soft and natural looking but still give me the definition and length that I love. With mink lashes, because they are so light, Amy is able to put two or three extensions on each of your natural lashes which gives you more "points", giving you the look of a fuller blink. These lashes are a must-try for all lash lovers out there!

If you're interested reading more about mink lashes, or would like to make an appointment to "Mink Your Blink," visit

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mink Your Blink!

Hey ladies, it's Katie! I just wanted to share with you a hot new item that Amy has available for you to get today....MINK LASHES! Mink lashes are super light-weight and soft, so they are especially good for those of you who have weaker lashes or maybe want a more natural look. I am getting my first set of mink lashes in just a few days and I can't wait!

Don't forget that you can now book online with Amy and pre-pay for your service. She's booking up fast, so don't wait!

P.S. No animals are hurt in the making of mink lashes. You don't have an excuse not to try them!

Hunger Games Lashes Are FabuLASH

I haven't watched the blockbuster hit, Hunger Games, yet but it's definitely on my radar!  I know the plot is fascinating (I have read the book), but what I'm interested in seeing is the LASHES!  Paper lashes from PaperSelf debuted on the Hollywood screen, worn by Effie!

Here are some of the lash designs offered.  Interested?  Check 'em out.  Here are just a few of the designs available.   Learn more HERE.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

NewBeauty & NovaLash: A Perfect Pair

Love Your Lashes?  You're not the only one!  
Check out this video featuring
New Beauty Magazine's Anna Jimenez & CEO/Creative Director of NovaLash, Sophy Merszei, as they talk about the eyelash extension application process and more. Stay tuned until the end to see the dramatic transformation!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Schedule or ReSchedule Your Lash Appointment (and Other Cool Stuff)

NEW and Fabulous!  Schedule or ReSchedule or Cancel Your Lash Appointment Online. With my new online booking option, you can actually see my appointment availability and compare it to your schedule, so you can pick times that are most convenient for you.  

Other Perks to Online Appointment Booking:
  1. You'll get a reminder email about your appointment time the day before.
  2. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment without having to contact me directly for my availability.
  3. You can book appointments up to 2 months in advance.  Have a special event or just want to get on the schedule and reserve your spot?  Book it now!
  4. You can pre-pay for your appointment using PayPal, if you'd like.  Or just bring cash or credit to your appointment.
As before, you can always call, text, or email me to schedule or reschedule your appointments. This is just one more way to help you make the most of your time and schedule! 

Here's how to do it:
You Can also Schedule by going to the Love Those Lashes Facebook page.  


Don't Delay:  Many clients are already taking advantage of this opportunity and my appointment availability narrows with each new booking.  Get your appointments booked today so you don't end up with a "Lash Emergency!"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You Can Have Celebrity Lashes

Jennifer Lopez with Gorgeous MINK Lash Extensions. 
Until now, mink eyelashes were only being custom made for celebrities like Oprah, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez for thousands of dollars or more a pair. With this offer, you no longer have to be a celebrity to look like one and wear the highest quality lashes on the market!

Our Mink Lashes are enviously thick in appearance yet delicately light and fluttery to wear. Minks has a unique natural sheen adding a twinkle to the eyes that cannot be achieved with regular synthetic lash extensions, lash builders or the latest mascara. Our glossy mink lashes add instant eye catching allure. Who wouldn’t want to flaunt the fact that these lashes are 100% real lush mink furs, harvested without harming animals in any way? You can be chic and fashionably responsible!

Our Mink Lashes are obtained by gently brushing live farm animals in Russia, harvested, sterilized and meticulously assembled and curled.
Because of the delicate nature of the Mink furs, everything is 100% handmade for proper handling.
Mink hairs are virtually weightless so 1-3 mink lashes per natural lash will be applied to add volume and give clients a soft, professional, yet flirty look.

Lashes will last up to 6 weeks, but touch up appointments may be necessary every 3-4 weeks in order to keep the lashes looking fabulously full and thick. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Colored Lashes Will Rock Your World

Just a few of the options for colored lash extensions. 
Want to add a little spice to your lashes?  Check out our new colored lashes!!  These lashes can be added to your full set of black lash extensions in order to highlight the color of your eyes.  (Try purple lash highlights for blue eyes or Green lash highlights with brown eyes--WOW!!) 

You can also take a walk on the wild side like Katie and go for a streak of color in your lashes or a combination of colors No extra cost!  Just ask for details at your next appointment.